We are Currently casting 3 of our series For more info click on the links below

Contingency Plan

The List

The Guys


If you are unable to view the info pack via the PDF Viewer on the main site do not hesitate to contact us by email via  theteam@wetheryoulikeitornot.com and we will happily send you our press packs for each of the 3 series.

If you are Interested in being an Intern on this project

Click here for our runner post on Film & TV Pro


Interns We Are Looking For:

Costume Designers

Prop Makers

Film Crew Assistants

Camera Operators

Sound Engineers


Make Up Assistants


Assistant Directors

As well as Writing Under studies (Script Writers) and Possible Collaborators for present and Future Projects.


It’s mainly to help with the ever increasing load of pressure we’ve accidentally on purpose brought on ourselves….From emerging from our nerd lairs.

As we are currently unfunded (all of that will change fairly soon) rewards are surrounding the fact we are making something cool and having fun while doing so.

We’ve also banned Hi-fiving until a show is commissioned a tragic decision designed  for maximum satisfaction…..we watch 1990’s films and How I Met Your Mother with envy…

we are currently  looking for applicants that reside in London.