Hi Everybody I’m Bradley Clark the Head Writer at WYLION aka Wether You Like It Or Not……

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Admittedly its not a sexy title like CEO or emperor but i like to keep a simple ship that works for what its meant to do. So you will see titles such as Computer illustration guy, ninja lady, and guy thats good at programming. I mean that what they are ultimately gonna be called why fight it and it helps me remember who people are in a non-racist way.


This site was created to both inspire and entrap talent……well stuff we like and stuff we do


most of the writing team are 80’s babies ┬áthe rest float outside the diagram……


Just here to welcome you to the basement of comedy and comics from which you will now be locked into and never allowed to escape…..


Why Would You Want To LEAVE?!?



Currently we are recruiting


Like minded Writers

Easily Lead Individuals

Those with the capacity to manipulate,

Sociopathic Comedians that thrive on writing,

People with spare money that want to help fund a project that like what we are attempting to do

Sadistic horror fanatics

Tainted Angels

Righteous Devils

editing people for both web and video

Just Apply to stuff in the way you want it